Smartfield™, Inc is an information technology company focused on sustainable agriculture.  Specifically, Smartfield has the ability to apply science to the remote monitoring of plant health, trigger intervention actions and measure the efficacy of external treatment regimes. Our mission is “To improve the profitability and quality of life for our customers by developing and supplying systems that provide actionable information how, when, and where our customer wants it.”

Growing a Greener Future

We know that producing a profitable crop can be very challenging. Smartfield is dedicated to helping growers monitor their crops through a variety of processes.  Using Smartfield tools to manage the stress of your crop can help your crop maximize its yield potential.

Smartfield gives you peace of mind knowing you are making the right decisions about your crop. By continuously monitoring the status of your crop, you can avoid excessive pumping and irrigation costs, leaving you with more “green” in your pocket.

The Science Behind Smartfield’s Technology

The foundation of the science is centered on Optimum Plant Canopy Temperature (OPCT).  All plants have a temperature at which they perform best and which will produce maximum yields.

Smartfield has developed proprietary algorithms and patented processes which convert plant canopy temperature into Smartfield Stress Units (“SSU”).  SSUs turn “Big Data” into actionable data delivered on a single daily message notifying the end user on the condition of their crop.

Through balancing all crop inputs while targeting SSU, growers are able to maximize yield potential and increase profitability.  In addition, researchers can readily separate a variety of treatments and objectively accelerate new products to market.

To date, Smartfield has found no competing technologies providing the breadth and depth of actionable data.” – Joel Hohenberger, COO

Smartfield has captured continuous relevant data across multiple crops and on a broad spectrum of research and commercial production operations including:

» Replicated Trials
» Schedule Irrigation for Pivot, Drip and Flood Irrigation
» Greenhouses

» Schedule Irrigation for Pivot, Drip and Flood Irrigation
» Maximize Effiency of Crop Production Practices
» Recognize Intervention Signals

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Growing A Greener Future